We are Jukka and Markus, founders of Birche. Our idea of 100% natural, unique and ecological printing materials began with an old envelope that Jukka accidentally found. It was handmade of birch. It literally started our journey to the future and the past.
Forests have always played an important role for everyday life, for us Finns. We have used wood to build everything from houses to sauna, to cook food and to keep us warm during the cold winters. We call our forests green gold.
Forests also produce raw material for traditional printing products made from cellulose. However, in the manufacture of cellulose, many chemicals are used in addition to wood.
Now we wanted to bring a whole new, even more ecological wood material to print without chemicals.
After our goal setting, we spent many years in research and development. Failures became successes. We learnt that wood is a challenging material because its colour and texture are inconsistent. Therefore it’s not easy to make wooden print materials which look completely sharp and natural.
But finally we managed to create it. We developed a wood material and product range that is perfect for printing and pure wood. Birche was born.